I’m Vanessa Dennen, a professor of Instructional Systems at Florida State University, where I:

  • research computer-mediated discourse and use of social media/emerging technologies to support learning in formal and informal environments.
  • teach technology-focused instructional design, inquiry, and learning theory.
  • supervise the EME2040 Technology for Educators course.

My practitioner expertise includes instructional design and evaluation, both with a focus on online learning and virtual communities. My courses taught include Web 2.0-based learning & performance, mobile learning, learning analytics, learning theory, Internet-based inquiry, and discourse and conversation analysis.

I’m also editor-in-chief of The Internet and Higher Education, a journal that focuses on empirical research about pedagogical issues related to Internet use in higher education settings.

In the moments that I’m offline, I dabble in the garden and the kitchen, and practice pilates and run. If you head to the playground, you might find me on the swings with my daughter. And then there is travel …

I recently co-edited a book with Jennifer Myers, Virtual Professional Development and Informal Learning in Online Environments. Is it a coincidence that the beginning of the book matches my initials (VPD)? Hmmm.

1 thought on “About

  1. I love this SMOOC – one question. I want to use BlackBoard Learn Mobile, but to access the course I need to apparently provide a FSUID and password – do you have any guest passwords I can use to slip past this requirement and do this course using my mobile? I like to use it while commuting.

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