Research Group Meeting – Tech Smackdown

The Meme Research Group met, and since no one needed formative feedback or had findings to share, instead we shared what technologies we’ve been playing with. Everyone was invited to take the floor for 5-10 minutes and share. We didn’t get to everyone, but that’s OK — we’ve got some presentations on deck for next time!


Quizlet – Fabrizio took us on a tour of the tool that he uses with his language learning students and in particular shared the “quizlet live” feature. You need a minimum of 6 participants. We played a game in teams — nice way to have a collaborative review of┬álearning content.

Twine – Lukas shared Twine, a tool for creating interactive, non-linear stories. It’s open source.

Lifesaver – Lukas shared this interactive film / learning adventure. Can you help save a life?

Playposit – Fabrizio shared this tool for interactive video lessons and showed how he has his language students watch target language cartoons and answer questions about them.


Taehyeong shared two articles about Math and Music. They’re both posted in our Blackboard site. The basic gist is kids using musical activities to learn fractions in math and engage students who might not otherwise be heavily interested in math (but who like music). The best part? Taehyeong did beat box for us! He is good! Here is one of his songs.

Open Science Framework – Vanessa shared the OSF site and briefly discussed how you can register a study idea and then use the site to document your project throughout its lifecycle — initial concept through publication.

News at Home:

Amit shared with us FSU’s projected timeline for getting up and running on Canvas.